A free all-in-one business app

  Mobile CRM

Manage your clients, take notes, mark for follow-up and respond to client requests while on-the-go

Online calendar management    Calendar management

Manage your business schedule, appointments and events, all in-sync with your existing calendar

   Billing & invoicing

Create and email branded invoices and track your business income with a centralized dashboard

 Let clients take action online

    Online scheduling software

Invite clients to set appointments, book services and register for events classes online from any device

   Online payments

Let clients pay for your services online, accept any credit card or PayPal and issue branded invoices

   Client portal

Keep clients engaged with a 24/7 personal client portal where they can book, reschedule, pay, fill forms, share files and more

Step up your marketing

   Lead capturing

Enhance your website with an actionable widget that captures more clients    and increases customer satisfaction

    Your business page

Generate more interaction and revenue with a beautiful, mobile-friendly        landing page to showcase your services and engage clients

  Email campaigns

Create beautiful, action-driving emails to get more business & bookings from clients and prospects


Information Gathering

The first step in designing a successful web site is to gather information. Many things need to be taken into consideration when we design the look and feel of your site, so we first ask a lot of questions to help us understand your business and your needs in a web site.


Here we develop a site map – a list of all main topic areas of the site, as well as sub-topics (if applicable). This gives us a guide as to what content will be on the site, and is essential to developing a consistent, easy to understand navigational system.


Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, we determine the look and feel of the site. Target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration here. A site aimed at teenagers, for example, will look much different than one meant for a financial institution.


This is where the web site itself is created. We take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the functional web site. We also take your content and distribute it throughout the site, in the appropriate areas.

Testing and Delivery

At this point, we attend to the final details and test your web site. We test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, we test for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), ensuring that the site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.


The development of your web site is not necessarily over, though. One way to bring repeat visitors to your site is to offer new content or products on a regular basis. If this interests you, we will be more than happy to continue working together with you to update the information on your web site. We offer maintenance packages at reduced rates, based on how often you anticipate making changes or additions to your site.

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